Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Christmas Cat

This is my cat I drew the work was inspired by Paul Klee. I hope that you like it and could leave a comment.

Here are the steps.

minecraft A-Z

A: Armour keeps you safe.

B: Bucket helps you carry water or lava (L).

C: Cow drop beef and leather when killed.
D: Dungeons spawn hostile mobs.
E: Egg throw them to make chickens.
F: Fishing Rods can catch fish.
G: Gold makes clocks.
H: Herobrine will haunt your player.
I: Ice can be melted by lava and torches.
J: Jack o’ Lanterns are made from torches and pumpkins.
K: Kittens scare creepers away.
L: Lava is dangerous very dangerous.
M: Mine Shafts might have chests with watermelons in them.
N: Nether ghasts blazes and zombie pigmen spawn there.
O: Obsidian can make a portal to the nether (N).
P: Porkchops are dropped when pigs are killed.
Q: Book and Quill you can write diaries from.
R: Redstone ore lights up when hit or stood on.
S: Squid drop ink sacks when killed.
T: Temples have traps and chests.
U: Underworld that’s where you find the Ender-dragon.
V: Vines you can climb them.
W: Wolf can be bred to dogs with bones.
X: Xtra Diamonds are awesome.
Y: Yumm a feast of pork, cake, apples, cookies and pie.
Z: Zombie pigman become hostile when hit.

Thanks for reading!
by Lachlan and Stefan

Friday, November 23, 2012

Stuck in Minecraft


One day I was working on a experiment but something went wrong terribly wrong nuts and bolts went flying everywhere and then a giant vortex appeared and sucked me in. I was in there for days, then months, then years or it at least it seemed that long. I don’t  know I didn't bring watch and then I saw a way out.

“Yes!” I yell but it’s not like anyone is going to hear me. When I get out it looked like I was transported to another dimension where everything is made of blocks.  I see a man completely made of blocks “Hey you, where am I?” I yell but he doesn't hear me. Next someone comes up to me and said...

“Welcome to Mine craft, I'm Steve.”
“Mine-craft” I said.
“Yes” he replied. Then my legs started to tingle then they turned into a block “Hey that happened to me too. The longer you stay the faster you turn like me,” Steve said.
“How do I get out of here?” I said.
“You need to find the portal on the other side,” he said.
“awww, do we have to go halfway around the world” I asked
“NO! On the other side of the island silly,” he replied.
“Can you help me?” I asked.
“Yes” he said “But it’s getting dark and the zombies and things are coming out, you can stay with me” he said. 

“Thanks and zombies?” That night my ankles felt like a needle or a bee stung me then were blocks now.

The next day I look down now my knees have changed “Well, you ready?” Steve said “Yea” I said. We walked for a while then I fell to the ground “ Owwwwwwwww!” I yelled, it felt like someone shot me, next you guessed it now my waist had changed  “are you okay” said Steve “yea, it’s gone now you It’s getting worst and worst” I said “I know” replies Steve “you know what?” I say “no, what?” Steve replied “all that pain made me hunger, got anything to eat?” I ask “yea, apples, cake, fish and chicken” he said “apple please” I ask we walked some more then I asked “what’s the time?” “4:58” he answered “4:58 the sun sets in two minutes” Steve said in a panicky tone. He quickly chopped down a few trees, I ask can I help? and he said “here take this go sheer 6 sheep and get their wool” “OK” I walk off and did what I was told to do. I found 100’s of sheep but I only sheared 6 and 3 more in case. Then I walk back to find a small little house “do you have the wool?” Steve asked “yes” I replied “cool hand it over” he took the wool and made two beds “goodnight” I say “Good night” Steve replies. In the morning I look it was up to my chest “ready, It’s not far now” Steve said “yea” I say very moody. We walk for a while then I see the port and we run to the portal then... “Owwwwwwwww” I yell if there scale from 1 to 10 this would be a 24 now it was up to my neck. I was about to jump in then I saw Steve walking away “do you want to come?” I asked “Yes please” he answered and we both jumped into the portal and was transported home. When we get back I hear Steve tummy rumble “would you like something to eat Steve?” I asked politely “please call me Barry” said Steve “ you to Mr.narrator” he said “sorry” the narrator said. When I got back from the kitchen with some salt and vinegar chips “one question Barry” I ask “Yes” “ how did you get stuck in minecraft?” “well I was...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Olympics freestyle finals data 2008

This is maths I did for the men's and women's freestyle finals for the Olympics.

I did a stem and leaf graph and a dot pot to show my working.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100 word story

One day I was walking down the street and I saw something, It was red like a cherry and it looked like a mutant chicken egg I took it home to look after it. Then that night I hear a shattering sound from the bathroom, I hope out of bed and grab the torch and walked into the bathroom and saw that mutant egg thingy had cracked open, crash!  toothbrushes jars, soap and toothpaste fell. Then I saw a tail, I look up and “what is that?”I yell, I saw a... dragon! I fainted but also hit my head.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Up and Down

if you have another way please write it in you comment

If a fireman stood on the middle rung of the extended ladder climbed up 7 rungs, then went down 12 rungs, then up 17 rungs, then climb up the remaining 14 rung to the top of the building how
many rungs in the whole extended ladder? See if you can get it right.

What I did was from the middle I went up 7 then when I was going 12 I went down 7 to the middle then the extra 5. Next up 5 to the middle then up the remaining 12 then up 14 witch mean from the middle to the top was 26 and 
26+26=52+1 of the middle =53

Friday, October 5, 2012

Production Reflection

Reflection for production
· Something I was pleased with was getting to do production because it was my first one.

· I really enjoyed learning a rap, called mother nature's crying because it was a really cool rap.

· Something I found hard was learning all my lines off by heart in three week plus a new line one week before show.
· Something I want to get better at is speak clearer and louder.