Monday, February 27, 2012

Breaststroke Swimming

Clap, splash as 6 people divided through the water swimming like mad. “Boy I wish I was as good as them” I thought in my head. I'm next. When I stumbled up I heard my sister laughing and probably thinking  I’m going to lose. 
Clap, splash I was not doing very well but I keep going. When I finished I just lost by a millimetre but then I remembered I did breaststroke, the hardest one. My sister did better then me coming 2nd -to-last in backstrokes, I’m glad Jacob made me do it.


  1. I'm glad Jacob made you do it, too! Did you feel proud afterwards?

  2. It is a very good piece of writing,wear you happy on that day?

    1. Yes Amy I did feel happy when did it, did you?

  3. Wow I like that you did it in the end.