Tuesday, March 27, 2012

whitewater rafting

whitewater rafting

Splash as the boat shot through the rapids, paddling harder and harder, so we went faster and faster and bang right into a wall of wet moss on the rocks and I nearly fell out lucky I didn’t.

When we were back in the slow, smooth water, it was fun in the rapids.

Then we saw kids standing up, walking around the boat and then someone says can we do that and we could when I did it was really fun I wanted to jump in the water when I got back in the boat Casey went, then we all went around.

Then we started paddling. When we catch up with another them they were yelling 1 2, 1 2 over and over again.

When it got deep we want jump in I jumped it was cold in the water. Soon I got in then I saw a boat doing getting put into the air it look fun but I feat scare like I was in the boat.

The end


  1. nice story and very interesting too.good job.

  2. nice story and very interesting

  3. I like the way you describe the action of your experience, Lachlan.
    I think you could add a photo from our DivShare to your writing.

  4. Lachan wow so good smiles