Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Amazon

One morning you wake up to a toucan squawking away at 6:00 in the morning. You’ve been on a camping trip with your family in the Amazon rain forest for 2 weeks. You pack up and move on. 30 minutes later we hear a roar.
“A lion,” you say.
“No a bear,” your little brother said. “No wait you're right, it is a lion,” he says. 
“Look the lion run!” Your family’s running. They hide in the cave and the lion walks by. You're as quiet as a mouse. When the lion's past you sneak out of the cave, walk through the amazon jungle and find a waterfall.
“Let’s camp here tonight,” said Dad. 
“Ok” they said. That night while your mum and dad was making dinner, your two sisters are acting like they're 16 and you and your brother are using knives to sharpen sticks into spears. Then a leopard came. Roar
“Throw!” you say. Then you and your brother launched the spears and...
“Bullseye!” you say.
“Well that’s dinner tonight,” said your dad. The next morning you and your family climbed higher, higher and it got colder and colder. It was hard to see with all the leaves around you. Soon you and your family reach the top but it’s really cold and you and your family call a helicopter.


  1. What interesting writing! I really like the speech because when I read it I can really hear the characters talking.

  2. Great Lachlan
    I like that you talked about the Amazon.
    Do you want to go to the Amazon?

    1. Yes I do want to go to the Amazon, Katrina.

  3. Thanks a lot Mrs H I love writing story's, where there is lots of talking.