Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Incredible Journey 14/5/12

“Please please pick me please. Oh I didn’t see you there I’m Cany the soda can and I’m waiting  for someone to buy me.”
“One soda please” said a boy “Ok” said the man “please me, me. Yes I’m finally out that over sized ice-block”. “Oh look it Bruny the hot dog, hi”
“hi” said Bruny. Then the boy took a bite out of bruny “ow.” Then the worst thing happened, he was drinking my juice I felt weaker and weaker. Then throw me over his thing by his head and I landed in the lots of water I wonder where the edge of the can, is it must be a big cup?” Then “good I’m filling up with water a. Then flying thing.” Then shot down and...
tried to eat Cany but was really going for a fish.
“That was a good fish” said the flying thing
“thanks for not eating me” said Cany
“your welcome” said the flying thing
“can you please take to land?” asked Cany
“Ok” said the flying thing. Soon I was flying through the air. Then he dropped me, I went fast I close my eyes and then he said“Ok now I want to go back to the over sized ice block” when I landed I was on a large island of rubbish. Then the wonderful thing happened a girl soda can popped up I rolled over to her and asked what her name was and she said
“Cansy” she said and asked what my name was and I said “Cany” then ask if I wanted to see her house and I said yes then we lived happily ever after.


  1. Wow Lachlan.
    What an amazing starter it is really cool. No actually the whole story is cool.
    What is your favourite part of the story?

    1. When he said I want to go back to over sized ice block.

  2. Cool Lachlan. I like your story. What gave you the idea of being a soda can?