Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview Reflection


My favourite in Reading has been Interview with my cousin George leslie.

Something I have learnt is Jeff Tomson made lot of art out of iron

My next step is to get my reading work done faster like my spider


This is my favourite writing is my Incredible Journey

I am proud of my no more fishing nets

I have learnt

  • to make a good story
  • where to put full stops
My next step is to put more punctuation
I like my blog because the more posts I have the more comments I get.
This is my favourite post is my blog review because I’m showing what a great person Stefan is and what work he’s done.

I like commenting on blogs because it makes them feel good about their work.
This is my favourite comment is on my be clean not mean post


This is my favourite maths working out the answer with what I know

I am proud of my maths reflection

I have learnt

  • how to work with length, width and height
  • width + length = area and width + length + height = volume
Something I find challenging is ratio

My next step is to be fast at all maths

This is my favourite art the leopard art and I like using tegxedo

Topic Something I have liked in our topic learning is that there is a huge island make of rubbish called the great pacific vortex

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is getting to ran around like in blob
I like playing these games:

  • ball rush
  • blob
I learn and develop the skills of pasting and dodging by playing these games.
Fitness helps me to keep fit.

I'm pleased that I had a great interview.


  1. You were so well organised for your interview with this document, Lachlan.

    Well done, you really are achieving a lot!

  2. hi Lachlan cool Interview Reflection.I think that you are getting better at righting.also I need to get better at my punctuation two and I also like too run around playing blob to and your Interview Reflection is cool!.