Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rubbish persuasion 1/6/12

Dear Hastings District Council,

I’m astonished the way people don’t throw away their rubbish because they don’t care what happens to it. So I think we should pick up rubbish if we see some before it blows away. It’s like they think it’s just going to just blown it into the bin, so here’s a few things about why we should pick up out rubbish.

1. It kills sea animals that get tangled in the rubbish and can’t breath in the sea (like a dolphin or whale) or think its food and choke.
2. There is other way you can do with your rubbish like with your cardboard you can make toys, plastic bags make good parachutes and more.
3. Don’t you want a clean and beautiful New Zealand, not a huge rubbish island like the pacific trash vortex?

So that was some things about why we should pick up rubbish and put it in the bin if we see any. I don’t just mean beach and the sea but everywhere(like homes and work), not just throw it on the ground and wait until someone else to pick it up, acting innocent. Also I have a lot of fun making toys out of cardboard and I’m sure other kids do to. So make sure people clean up their litter.

 Sincerely Lachlan.

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