Friday, June 8, 2012


Q Why do you think Michael hates spiders?
Aa Maybe a spider killed someone in his life
Ab  He might not like how they look

Q What does scale the the walls mean?
A It’s like climbing up the wall

Q Corpse what does it mean
a special department
b dead body
c central part of fruit
(green is right and red is wrong)

There is six spiders in the lounge/ living room
Q What action and reaction might the author develop now?
A maybe they're trying to save the spider thats in the glass
Ab there have something like a funeral

Q What does mourners mean?
a Grieving attendants at a funeral
b Visitor
c Passing-by

(green is right and red is wrong)

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  1. Great Lachlan
    What was hard about writing this?
    How did you take the photos?