Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Britain

11 facts about Great Britain
1. Great Britain’s flag three colours red white and blue
2. There are 16,345,646 people 

live in Great Britain.
3.  Animals that live in Great britain fox, deer, squirrel, badger, otter, rabbit, hare,  rodents, wild ponies.    
4. Great Britain is in Europe.
5. Their national sports are cricket and soccer.
6. England invented the tank.
7. They speak English.
8. Great Britain's area 243,000 sq km
9. Some cool tourist attractions are Big Ben(England), Scotland's castle(Scotland), Museum of Welsh Life (Wales).

10. In NZ it’s 10:16am 16/8/12 in Great britain its 11:15 pm 15/8/12
11. Great Britain is Scotland, Wales, England together

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  1. Wow I think my brain just about exploded with learning all of these amazing facts.
    This is so cool and I have learnt lots of cool new facts!