Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100 word story

One day I was walking down the street and I saw something, It was red like a cherry and it looked like a mutant chicken egg I took it home to look after it. Then that night I hear a shattering sound from the bathroom, I hope out of bed and grab the torch and walked into the bathroom and saw that mutant egg thingy had cracked open, crash!  toothbrushes jars, soap and toothpaste fell. Then I saw a tail, I look up and “what is that?”I yell, I saw a... dragon! I fainted but also hit my head.


  1. Wow Lachlan!!!
    Cool story.
    It is very exciting and descriptive.
    Well done ,
    From Brody.

  2. Excellent 100 word story, Lachlan!

    You have really chosen your language well and used the prompt to inspire your ideas. Did you enter it on their website? http://100wc.net/2012/10/17/100-word-challenge-week-6/

  3. Cool 100 word story Post Lachlan!
    It is very well done and descriptive.

  4. Wow Lachlan!
    That is a very clever 100 word story. Your ending really makes me want to read another chapter.
    Will there be another chapter?

  5. Wow Lachlan this is very cool I love how you put a photo of the Dragon.

    Great Job with the hundred word challenge!