Saturday, October 13, 2012

Up and Down

if you have another way please write it in you comment

If a fireman stood on the middle rung of the extended ladder climbed up 7 rungs, then went down 12 rungs, then up 17 rungs, then climb up the remaining 14 rung to the top of the building how
many rungs in the whole extended ladder? See if you can get it right.

What I did was from the middle I went up 7 then when I was going 12 I went down 7 to the middle then the extra 5. Next up 5 to the middle then up the remaining 12 then up 14 witch mean from the middle to the top was 26 and 
26+26=52+1 of the middle =53

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  1. Awesome maths post Lachlan,
    you use a good strategy well done!