Friday, November 23, 2012

Stuck in Minecraft


One day I was working on a experiment but something went wrong terribly wrong nuts and bolts went flying everywhere and then a giant vortex appeared and sucked me in. I was in there for days, then months, then years or it at least it seemed that long. I don’t  know I didn't bring watch and then I saw a way out.

“Yes!” I yell but it’s not like anyone is going to hear me. When I get out it looked like I was transported to another dimension where everything is made of blocks.  I see a man completely made of blocks “Hey you, where am I?” I yell but he doesn't hear me. Next someone comes up to me and said...

“Welcome to Mine craft, I'm Steve.”
“Mine-craft” I said.
“Yes” he replied. Then my legs started to tingle then they turned into a block “Hey that happened to me too. The longer you stay the faster you turn like me,” Steve said.
“How do I get out of here?” I said.
“You need to find the portal on the other side,” he said.
“awww, do we have to go halfway around the world” I asked
“NO! On the other side of the island silly,” he replied.
“Can you help me?” I asked.
“Yes” he said “But it’s getting dark and the zombies and things are coming out, you can stay with me” he said. 

“Thanks and zombies?” That night my ankles felt like a needle or a bee stung me then were blocks now.

The next day I look down now my knees have changed “Well, you ready?” Steve said “Yea” I said. We walked for a while then I fell to the ground “ Owwwwwwwww!” I yelled, it felt like someone shot me, next you guessed it now my waist had changed  “are you okay” said Steve “yea, it’s gone now you It’s getting worst and worst” I said “I know” replies Steve “you know what?” I say “no, what?” Steve replied “all that pain made me hunger, got anything to eat?” I ask “yea, apples, cake, fish and chicken” he said “apple please” I ask we walked some more then I asked “what’s the time?” “4:58” he answered “4:58 the sun sets in two minutes” Steve said in a panicky tone. He quickly chopped down a few trees, I ask can I help? and he said “here take this go sheer 6 sheep and get their wool” “OK” I walk off and did what I was told to do. I found 100’s of sheep but I only sheared 6 and 3 more in case. Then I walk back to find a small little house “do you have the wool?” Steve asked “yes” I replied “cool hand it over” he took the wool and made two beds “goodnight” I say “Good night” Steve replies. In the morning I look it was up to my chest “ready, It’s not far now” Steve said “yea” I say very moody. We walk for a while then I see the port and we run to the portal then... “Owwwwwwwww” I yell if there scale from 1 to 10 this would be a 24 now it was up to my neck. I was about to jump in then I saw Steve walking away “do you want to come?” I asked “Yes please” he answered and we both jumped into the portal and was transported home. When we get back I hear Steve tummy rumble “would you like something to eat Steve?” I asked politely “please call me Barry” said Steve “ you to Mr.narrator” he said “sorry” the narrator said. When I got back from the kitchen with some salt and vinegar chips “one question Barry” I ask “Yes” “ how did you get stuck in minecraft?” “well I was...


  1. Amazing story Lachlan,
    You describe everything.
    You should make a part 2 of getting into the
    Well done

    1. I am going make part 2. In this one it tell us how Barry/steve get stuckin minecraft.